Amazing Smart Phone and iPhone Camera Tips

Tips for taking better photos with your phone
It’s been said that the best camera you own is the one you have with you when you need one. Quite often, that camera is your phone. Here are some tips to help you make those shots the best they can be.

1. Turn on the grid setting – most smart phones, including the iPhone, have an option to turn on a 9-box grid (look under options). There are 4 points where the lines meet. Try to line up your main subject with one of the 4 crosshairs instead of the center. It can make for a more interesting composition (follows the rule of thirds).

2. Reduce camera shake – Most smart phone cameras have a dot or button you touch to snap the picture. Sometimes poking the dot creates camera shake and blurry pictures. You can hold your finger down on the shutter button while you compose and then release it when you are ready. The photo will not be taken until you release your finger. This reduces camera shake and provides better focus.

3. Direct focus – Another way to get the sharpest photos is to tell the smart phone where to focus. You can touch the screen to pinpoint the main subject in the photo. This will usually create a small blue box on an iPhone screen that shows you where the focus is aimed. It also locks exposure at that subject or area. Once locked, snap the shot.

4. Use fill flash – Finally, use the cameras flash when your subject is back lit. When it is bright behind your subject, your camera’s automatic flash will not turn on. You have to turn it to the “On” position to force it to fire. Typically, if you touch the screen where it says “Auto”, you will see an option to turn it to the “On” position. Doing so will fill the faces of your subject with light and keep them from looking like silhouettes.

Rod Arroyo, Portrait Photographer

iPhone Camera Tips

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