Google Reunion Video is a Powerful Marketing Piece – Photographers Can Learn From This Too

This video from Google India is a well-crafted and emotional piece that shows the power of video in marketing. The video production is first-rate, and it tells a story of connecting to the past. Many people have been brought to tears by this video.

We can all learn from what this video teaches: storytelling and stunning visual images will connect with customers. While this video is selling Google, people are drawn to the emotions of the people and the compelling story.

A portrait or series of portraits has the same ability to connect with people and their emotions. We see this in photojournalism and portraiture. The story told may have a commercial basis (e.g., fashion photography) or it may be non-commercial. Regardless, the connection people have with the image(s) will depend upon the emotion they feel when seeing it for the first time.

I recommend turning closed captioning on (The CC button in the lower right) if you want to see the English translation.

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