Great Tips for Senior Pictures #2

Tips for Great Senior Pictures #2

First in a series of portrait tips

This is the second in a series of senior picture tips from Portraits by Rod Photography. The topic of this post is clothes.

This first thing to find out from your photographer is how many outfit changes you are permitted – or are practical – during your session. This will give you a framework for the maximum number of outfits; it does not mean you have to bring that maximum number. Consider bringing a casual outfit and an outfit that is dressy at a minimum.

Don’t wait until the last minute to pick out the clothes you want to wear. Plan ahead and remember you may want to shop for something new to complete one of your outfits.Try to avoid overly trendy clothes and makeup. Those bright neon colors may be your preference, but basic fashion sense should be followed. It’s great to have color in your outfit, but is the clothing choice a consistent reflection of your personal style or a recent addition that you may not like in 6 months?

Also, avoid complex patterns, horizontal stripes, and reflective material in your clothes. Consider wearing long sleeve or three-quarter sleeve shirts. Sleeveless shirts may work for a few people, but not for most.

When making your final choices, remember you may be showing these pictures to friends and family for years to come. In fact, one of these portraits may be on your parent’s wall for the next 40 years. Make it a good one!

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