How Frank Zappa Ruined Jeb and Columba Bush’s Wedding Photos

Yesterday was Jeb and Columba Bush’s 41st wedding anniversary, and Jeb celebrated by tweeting a picture from the wedding.  Turns out there is an interesting back story to the photos.


Jeb’s younger brother, Marvin Bush, was the designated wedding photographer that day.  Marvin, who was still in high school at the time, shot the wedding on film as requested.  After spending some time in the darkroom developing the negatives, he realized that he had re-loaded the film he used to shoot a Frank Zappa concert.  The negatives ended up as a double-exposure roll with Frank Zappa, the Mothers of Invention, and the Bush family all mixed together.



Here is link to the book that describes the photo horror story: Bush wedding photo disaster

Here is a link to another article with the surviving image:  Vox article

I would love to see prints with the Zappa – Bush mashup!



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