My Farewell to Joe Louis Arena in Detroit

My Farewell to the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit – Former Home of the Detroit Red Wings

I had a chance to take some photos of Joe Louis Arena when I was picking up my packet for the Hockeytown 5K on Sunday. I know this building is now formerly closed and will be demolished for a new development. This was one last chance to photograph the interior and exterior. My favorite trip here was watching the Detroit Red Wings beat the Colorado Avalanche during the 2002 Conference finals. Sunday, I will be inside the Little Caesars Arena as Detroit is moving its professional hockey and basketball teams to a single venue. The City of Detroit is now the only city in the U.S. to have all four professional sports franchise venues downtown.

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Joe Louis Arena--1504968736158

Joe Louis Arena-09269-1504916165414

Joe Louis Arena-09274-1504916173947

Joe Louis Arena-09285-1504916164091

Joe Louis Arena-09289-1504916173107

Joe Louis Arena-09292-1504916172922

Joe Louis Arena-09293-1504916172330

Joe Louis Arena-09300-1504916163214

Joe Louis Arena-09303-1504916163427

Joe Louis Arena-09304-1504916162638

Joe Louis Arena-09305-1504916171345

Joe Louis Arena-09306-1504916162457

Joe Louis Arena-09310-1504916162181

Joe Louis Arena-09313-1504916161744

Joe Louis Arena-09318-1504916170632

Joe Louis Arena-09321-1504916161330

Joe Louis Arena-09325-1504916169510

Joe Louis Arena-09328-1504916168987

Joe Louis Arena-09331-1504916160423

Joe Louis Arena-09335-1504916159966

Joe Louis Arena-09336-1504916160166

Joe Louis Arena-09339-1504916159560

Joe Louis Arena-09344-1504916168257

Joe Louis Arena-09347-1504916167630

Joe Louis Arena-09349-1504916159331

Joe Louis Arena-09351-1504916167452

Joe Louis Arena-09356-1504916158723

Joe Louis Arena-09357-1504916166867

Joe Louis Arena-09360-1504916166435


Joe Louis Arena-09372-1504916157812

Joe Louis Arena-09376-1504968736517

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