Newborn Photography Tips

Newborn Photography Tips

By Rod Arroyo

Newborn photography can be exciting and challenging. The key to a successful session is a good game plan and reasonable alternatives for when the plan does not go quite as expected. Here are some of my key suggestions:

1. It’s best to work with a newborn that is one to two weeks old. I know this is not always possible, but babies change rapidly, and the time period from one to two weeks is unique and special.

2. We all do better when we are fed. If the newborn has a feeding right before the session at the usual nap time, it will make the photography session go much smoother.

3. Try to use natural light when ever possible. Another option is a continuous light source such as LED lights or daylight-balanced fluorescent lights. Also, a reflector may be just the right choice to add light.

4. Use blankets the throws with rich textures. Try not to make the background too distracting with overly busy designs.

5. Don’t forget to focus on details: hands, feet, fingers, toes, and more.

6. Have a hat or cap (or 2 or 3) to keep the baby’s head warm. Many choices are really cute and add to the experience.
Reagan - newborn picture - Macomb and Oakland County
7. Involve the family – Once the important solo shots are out of the way, look to bringing mom, dad and/or siblings into the mix. One of my favorite photos is my 5-year old son holding his one week old brother.

8. Be patient – The newborn is usually the one in control at these sessions. Soft background noise, a warm ambient air temperature, and a relaxed attitude from the photographer will go a long way towards making the infant comfortable and relaxed.

Most importantly, enjoy the moment and the blessing of a new life in the world.

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