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Fitness and Sports Portraits with an Edge

Fitness / sports photography requires a special edge. The right pose and proper lighting will highlight all of the hard work the individual has done to reach his or her fitness goals.
If you are part of a sports team or club looking for a unique team photo (soccer, football, lacrosse, baseball, track and field, etc.), we can help you create a unique poster and team photo that will 1) instill pride in the players and fans and 2) be an inspiration for recruiting new players and fans.
If you are an individual that is tired of plain and boring team and individual sports portraits, we can provide an edgy and unique look to set your portraits apart from the crowd.

Fitness Photography - Portrait - Detroit , Oakland, Wayne

Cool Soccer Pictures - Girls

Macomb County Soccer Photos

Gators - Fitness - Nova - Macomb Oakland Soccer Pictures

School Basketball Team Pictures

We can also take stunning images of bodybuilders and weightlifters, gymnasts, basketball, soccer, and football players, lacrosse players, and competitive cheer leaders.

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