The West Coast Get Down Comes to Detroit – Miles Mosley | Cameron Graves | Tony Austin | Kamasi Washington – Photos

The West Coast Get Down Comes to Detroit

Miles Mosley | Cameron Graves | Tony Austin | Kamasi Washington | Ryan Porter

When it’s all over, the jazz world will know that the West Coast Get Down took the Detroit Jazz Festival by storm. It started with Miles Mosley and the WCGD playing opening night on the same bill with Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock. There were additional performances featuring Cameron Graves and Kamasi Washington. It was clear that Detroit was crazy about these talented musicians from California. These guys brought big excitement to the massive crowds attending the largest free jazz festival in the world. Can’t wait to hear more from the WCGD!

Photography by Rod Arroyo. Sharing on social media? Please credit Rod Arroyo @portraitsbyrod

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