Tips for Great Senior Pictures #1

Tips for Great Senior Pictures

First in a series of portrait tips

The photography staff at Portraits by Rod Photography in Birmingham, Michigan want everyone to look great for senior pictures, regardless of who takes the photos. We will be posting a series of brief educational articles to this blog on the topic of improving the quality of senior pictures. These tips for better senior portraits include what not to wear, makeup mistakes to avoid, and more.

This first tip covers a general topic – shiny skin – and a common mistake: use of makeup and lotion containing glitter. Glitter reflects light, so quite a bit of the glitter on your skin will look like little white holes in a photograph if flash or some type of light source creates a reflection. Avoid all products using glitter including those that produce excessive shine prior to your photo session. If you have questions or concerns, talk you your professional photographer in person or by phone before the session. Your makeup salesperson may also be a helpful resource.

For some people, guys in particular, a related issue is excessive oil on the face. Because many females use a makeup base that helps to dull the shine, it is typically – but not always – less of an issue with women. Make sure you wash your face gently before your session and gently pat it dry with a towel. This will reduce the shine, and a clean face will feel great too.

In addition to high school seniors, Portraits by Rod Photography also photographs weddings, families, children, and individuals. The staff goes “on location” to places that have meaning to the client. This provides a final product that reflects the individuality and character of the subject(s) in the photograph.

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