Tips for Sharpening and Saving Photos for the Internet

Tips for Sharpening and Saving Photos for the Internet

by Rod Arroyo

Getting your photos to look their best on the internet is important for photographers. Aaron Nace from is a great resource for Photoshop tips, and his latest post is a great one. I have posted a video link below.

A few key tips to remember:

1. Reduce your image to the final size for internet posting prior to sharpening. Don’t sharpen the large original file first.
2. Create a duplicate layer, desaturate the color, and use a high pass filter – with an overlay setting – to create a sharpened layer. You can keep the radius setting low on the high pass filter. Try 1-2 pixels on a 700 pixel wide image as a starting point. This layer can be blended in using the opacity settings.
3. Additional layers with alternative settings can also be used – check out the video.
4. Finally, use the “save for web” option in Photoshop so that it changes the color space to sRGB (which will make your colors look better on the internet than a native AdobeRGB space) and reduces the file size (try a quality setting of around 65 and adjust as necessary).

By the way, these tips work for both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Good luck.

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