Where to Go for Prom, Homecoming, and Dance Photography in Oakland and Macomb County

High School Pictures That Look As Good As You Do

You are all dressed up for the big dance at your high school. Your hair is perfect, your outfit is perfect, and you want to remember this night forever. Do you want all of these memories left to cell phone pictures? Will you even be able to find these photos 3 months from now?

Take your prom or homecoming group to next level with professional portraits. We are not talking about boring studio shots. We will come to a host house and shoot you and your friends outside (weather permitting) or inside. These will be casual, fun pictures that will capture you looking your best.

Here is how it works.

  1. Make sure you have at least 10 people that can gather at the same place and time prior to the dance.
  2. Collect the per person portrait fee and provide it to the photographer based on our pre-arranged schedule.
  3. As the organizer, make all the arrangements and host the event.
  4. All pictures will be posted to an online ordering page, typically within 24 hours.  If you choose to order prints, we will be offering special event pricing to save you money.
  5. Each participant will have 48 hours from the time of the event to select a favorite shot.  If we don’t hear from you, we will select the favorites.  Then, each participant will receive a custom smart phone app that will feature the favorite photo of each person/couple  in your group.  If there were 10 in your group, you will get 10 photos in the app. You can share this app for no charge with your friends and family.  It’s an easy way to share your event photos will all of your friends. The app will be active for at least 1 year.
  6. Your reward for hosting and organizing the event is an 8×10 print of your favorite shot and $50 off a senior portrait session with Portraits By Rod.

Contact us today to get all the details.

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